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At Atlantic Capes Fisheries, it’s clear that sustainability is more than just a word- it’s how we live. It's how we do business. The same is true with Cape May Salt Oyster Farms- a division of Atlantic Capes Fisheries. Since planting our first crop of oysters on Cape May’s rolling tidal flats in 1997, we’ve remained dedicated to producing a wholesome, sustainably cultivated premium oyster that showcases the beauty of Delaware Bay. While we strive to produce the highest quality products on the market, doing so sustainability and in a responsible manner lie at the core of our fundamentals. Constantly learning from Mother Nature and incorporating innovative shellfish growing techniques, we operate three brands in two oyster farms in New Jersey’s Delaware Bay.Years later, our Cape May Salt, Stormy Bay, and Elder Point Oysters rank among the favorites of oyster connoisseurs and novices alike! Ask for them by name at your local raw-bar, restaurant, or seafood market! To learn about each of our individual oysters, click below:

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