February 1, 2018 — SEAFOOD NEWS — Atlantic Capes Fisheries Inc. has new packaging that will be a “game changer” for scallops.

The New Bedford, MA, based harvester has entered into an exclusive partnership with Maxwell Chase Technologies to develop the Atlantic Capes “Blue” SeaWell Tray for scallops. The tray is a “game changer” for the scallop industry, allowing Atlantic Capes to offer “Fleet Direct Sea Scallops” fresh from their vessels to their customers.

The tray, which is part of the company’s “Honest Scallops Have Arrived” campaign, features technology that preserves the “fresh scallop taste as if it were just shucked on the boat.”

According to a press release, the ACF “Blue” SeaWell tray extends the shelf life of both fresh and frozen scallops” by reducing growth of aerobic bacteria and the growth of coliforms and yeast and mold, as well as absorbing odors and improving texture and color. The packaging also easily fits into existing kitchen line coolers. Atlantic Capes hopes the new technology will allow them to expand their offerings internationally.

Right now the ACF “Blue” SeaWell tray is available in a foodservice pack of fresh or frozen scallops in 4lb or 5lb sizes. The company will also be launching a 1lb pack for retail.

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